About Me

Marilyn Adams

 I have always been involved with animals, being brought up on a farm.  My first love were horses taking my BHSAI exams on leaving school and then going on to work and teach riding, I then worked for 4 years in a large Equine Veterinary Practice before moving back to Somerset.   My first dog was a collie x who got me started in agility and have been totally hooked.   I currently have 3 dogs.

Paige who is almost 14 years old, she started in agility then switched to Obedience and Rally when she was 11 yrs old competing at Crufts in the first Rally event to be held there. Where she achieved 3rd in Individual and 2nd in Team.

Wish who is a Mini American Shepherd and 10 years old. She has competed in Agility to Championship level and has also been to Crufts and Discover Dogs but now enjoying her retirement.