Daily Playschool

More and more of us go out to work every day, but thankfully we realise that ‘home alone is no life for a dog’. At Doggie Daycare we ensure that your dog has a fun time when you are unable to be at home.

If you are working all day – or just going out for the day – Doggie Daycare can provide care, attention and a generally great tail-wagging time in your absence! Most owners love walking their dogs but sometimes time constraints during the working week means your dog doesn’t get the exercise or company they need to keep them happy and content. With more and more people owning dogs it is so important to have a well socialised dog that you can take everywhere with you.  We actively encourage people to send their dogs along purely for the socialisation we provide, as well as the exercise and fun they get as a matter of course.  It is the combination of exercise, fun and socialisation which produces a happy well adjusted dog to live with.  If you have a puppy send it along to socialise even if only for a few weeks,  we take extra care to monitor puppies exercise according to their age and size.   We take the dogs out for a great time letting them just be dogs and have fun with other dogs whilst having loads of exercise but under control at the same time.

Most importantly you’ll know your dog is in safe hands and isn’t bored all day, moping around whilst they are missing you. Our many years experience have shown us that giving your dog a routine, exercise and  fun is a great way of keeping them occupied and ultimately happy until you return home.  We have exclusive access to 40 acres of private land where no one else can walk, the dogs have lots of toys to play with and a dog bath which they love no matter what the weather.

We treat every dog as if it is our own – and we treat every owner as if they love their four-legged furry friend as much as we love ours!

We understand that you need to feel certain that you are leaving your dog in good hands, so to this end we visit every prospective member’s home to find out about their dog and ensure that they are good at socialising with other dogs.  We do not take dog aggressive dogs so your dog will be safe with us.

Rates vary according to the frequency your dog is with us, the size of dog, and your location; full information is readily available on demand.

Doggie Daycare hopes to see your dog registering for school very soon.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.