About Us

Marilyn Adams

 I have always been involved with animals, being brought up on a farm.  My first love were horses taking my BHSAI exams on leaving school and then going on to work and teach riding, I then worked for 4 years in a large Equine Veterinary Practice before moving back to Somerset.   My first dog was a collie x who got me started in agility and have been totally hooked.   I now have 6 dogs, Murphy (collie x) who is 14 years old and totally responsible for vetting clients dogs, he has never been wrong yet!   Then I have 4 Shelties (Tia, Paige, Mac and Zavvi) and the latest acquisition a Mini Aussie Shepherd (Wish).

Tia and Zavvi are my current agility dogs with Wish hopefully taking part in 2012 when she is old enough.


Tia (9yrs) has taken me to 4 World Championships in the last 4 years at home and abroad and has gained 1 Gold and  2 Silver Medals for England in 2010 & 2011 and 2012.  She has also won no fewer than 9 Masters at UKA and 1 Masters Championship.  At only 12″ high this little dog is amazing and is now enjoying a very well deserved retirement from Agility.



Zavvi (4yrs) is currently Grade 7 Kennel Club and Master Champion in 2012






Wish (2years) now competing and Grade 4



Jo Miller 

I’ve been training my own dogs, first in obedience and later in agility for 20 years.  Within a short time of joining a training club with my first dog, I was asked to help teach
the classes and a new passion was born!

My current dogs are a Rough Collie, a Parson Russell Terrier and an Australian Kelpie and in the past I have had a Dalmation, GSD cross and a Springer Spaniel.  With this much experience living with and training the different breeds and personalities of dogs, there are very few problems I haven’t had to deal with personally in one form or another.  Plus of course working with ‘M’ at Doggie Daycare has given me invaluable experience handling and working with even more breeds and types of dogs on a daily basis.